How to get up earlier

Hey, friend!

Happy second week of the year! If you’re like me, you are working on implementing something new in your life this month. If one of your goals is to get up earlier, this blog is for you!

I typically get up between 4:30-5am to kick off my day and constantly get asked how I do it, so I wanted to share a few tips and tricks to get your day started a little earlier than usual. It doesn’t have to be at the time I wake up, but just earlier than your normal time to maximize your day. Here are a few tips to get your day started earlier:

  • Sleep earlier – This may be the hardest one, but by far is the most important. In order to find your routine of getting started earlier, you need to find out how many hours your body needs to sleep. It is recommended you get at least 6, but preferably 7-8 hours of sleep per night. I have found that my body can live with 7 hours of sleep and be happy. I am not sleepy halfway through the day (after some caffeine of course!) and have enough energy to workout in the morning. So if you want to start your day at 4:30am, like I do, you need to be in bed by 9:15 at the latest to give myself some time to unwind and be asleep by 9:30. In order to establish a routine, I recommend you try it for three (3) weeks straight, including the weekends. Let’s be real – you are busy on the weekends, so if you can’t be asleep by 9:30 (in my case), then set an alarm 7 hours (or whatever your sleep time is) from the time you fell asleep. This will help set you up with a routine and gives your body consistency and you will later find yourself waking up at your desired time.
  • Get excited!: Know why you’re getting up earlier, and what you will be doing. When you are getting ready for bed, re-connect on why you are getting up. Remind yourself how great you will feel after doing “X” therefore it is worth waking up. You should know EXACTLY what you will do when you get up as well. For example, if it is working out – will you be doing cardio? If so, running? Stairmaster? Or is it a specific routine? Again, takes the thinking out of what you will do that morning. I take this one step further and find a quote on Pinterest that I can relate to the night before. I have since started a “motivation” board on Pinterest to motivate me the night before and get me excited for the morning. In my case, I workout as soon as I wake up, so my quotes are usually about fitness.
  • Set your clothes out: If you are trying to get a workout in either sleep in your workout clothes, or set them in your bathroom next to your toothbrush to get dressed easily in the morning. This is a HUGE time saver, and allows you to run on auto-pilot. You should prepare everything down to your watch, socks and shoes. Also have your water bottle ready to go.. That takes time and energy in the morning that you don’t want to worry about.
  • Set your alarm further than arm distance away: This forces you to get up to quiet is down. If it is possible and you can hear the alarm, set it in the bathroom on top of your clothes so if forces you to get out of bed and you can even start changing right away. If you allow “snooze” too many times, you will likely not get up in time to complete what you wanted.
  • Drink water: YUP! You are dehydrated from not drinking all night, so water will help you wake up and hydrate your body. If you need a little extra push, take some caffeine right away.
  • PRO TIP: Have your go-to playlist of music that pumps you up! Have a dance party and get into the groove!


As you can see, most of the work happens before the morning, so prep is key in starting your day earlier. Try these steps on a consistent basis, at least for 3 weeks and I am positive you will be waking up earlier and feeling UH-MAZING!

Do you have any other tips to get up earlier?





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