The power of habit trackers

Hey, doll!

Want to make sure you stay on top of your New Years resolutions? One way that I like to keep track of my goals and habits is through a habit tracker. I found that many BUJO (bullet journal) junkies make these so I started them back in 2017. You don’t need a journal to start one, you can start one in any planner or journal that you have. There are also some printable ones if you find yourself not wanting to create on yourself.

I like habit trackers because you are able to see how you are doing on specific habits in one area, at a glance. You can track different habits every week, but typically you should be trying to create and maintain new habits on a monthly basis, right? They say it takes 21+ days to create a habit so it is best to make them on a monthly basis. I track my Miracle Morning habits (SAVERS) on here, my eating habits and even my sleeping habits. If there is an area where I am struggling, or trying to focus my energy on, I will also add that to my tracker.

Aside from visually seeing how you are doing on your habits, you are also physically practicing reading the habits every single day and checking them off. You are interacting with the habits that you want to create every day, manifesting them, which also ensures that your habits are top of mind.


Do you use a habit tracker? What do you track? If not, you should try it out and let me know how it goes!





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