Make girl time even more fun!

Hey girl, hey!

I decided to dedicate a whole log to spicing up your girlfriend time because girl time is an absolute MUST! Many times we get caught up in life with significant others, family, etc and although you want to spend some time with your girls, you either don’t make that a priority or don’t want to make it the same thing over and over. My friends and I have a great routine going where we get together and try to make each gathering a little different to add to the fun that we have together.

Here are some ideas on to how to make girl time, an even more fun time!

  1. Try a new eatery/cafe – This is the most obvious one, but why not go try a new coffee shop, craft cocktails, new restaurant or even the new brunch special. You can make girl time any time of the day or day of the week. Trying out new places in the morning, midday or afternoon is possible. It is also affordable if you look for specials at these different places in advance. Yelp is very accessible with that if you search “(insert type of food) specials”.
  2. Try a new workout class/studio – The magic of going to a gym/studio for the first time – 99% of the time, the class is FREE! My friends and I love to go to different studios around San Diego just to spice things up! You can find the promos usually directly on the websites of the gyms, or Groupon will have some great deals! You can go grab a juice or a coffee after and reflect on how fun your class was!
  3. Try something outdoors – Hiking, walking on the beach, a run on a new route you found or even a swim could be nice! This way you are both working out and having a great time to catch up.
  4. Rotate each other’s homes – Going to someone’s house can get boring if you’re just sitting there, but what if you spiced it up? Decorate a season or holiday-specific theme and have everyone either make a drink to match it or have a dress-up theme. If you’re way less maintenance, hang out at the pool, fireplace, or just the living room and have a super fun playlist and speaker ready to go. Every time you go to someone else’s home, you get a whole new vibe and can try a new things.
  5. Mixology night – Have every girl bring the ingredients to their favorite drink and take turns making it for each other. If you want to save some money, make it around one liquor at a time. For example, tequila night can have margaritas and palomas. This brings some fun and variety into your day.
  6. Potluck – Who doesn’t love to try a variety of foods? What if you had a potluck, picnic style with your girls? Each brings their favorite dish and with a sheet and go to your nearest park or bach and you can all hang some good music. In our group, we have a baker so she always brings the baked goods and everyone else switches it up. If you aren’t much of a chef like myself, stop at the nearest grocery store and there are SO many pre-made foods ready for you to go. Especially at Costco.
  7. Chick flick night – Obviously there are those movies that are best with friends! Go to the movie theater on either a matinee (to save some money) or rent the movie and make some treats to enjoy. Wine and either a charcuterie board or a crudite board is always a great idea!

Hopefully these ideas inspire you to get together with your girls and switch it up! Check out some pics below!

What is your favorite girl time activity?