The Art of Patience

“Patience is a virtue” .. the phrase I tell myself several times a day. I am a very high energy person, and somewhat a perfectionist, which causes me to sometimes be controlling over things or get anxiety because things in my life aren’t done quickly. It also causes HUGE DOUBTS! I think, “If I am not getting the outcome that I want, when I want it, then I must be doing something wrong.”… WRONG THOUGHTS! Let’s talk more about the balance between impatience and patience.

Why it’s great to be impatient

To get -ISH DONE! It’s proven that people with a sense of urgency will get more things done, be more effective and always be thinking of ways to do things more efficiently to get even MORE done. It also allows you to be more successful in life because you are looking for results quicker, so you are trying everything in your power to achievement, quicker.  Ed Mylett talks about time management and impatience in his Podcast episode “The Secret on How I get 21 days a week”.

Why you still need to learn patience

There is a learning theory by Ken Blanchard called “Situational Leadership Model”. This model teaches that there are 4 development levels that every person goes through when learning something new. Level 1 is someone with high commitment and low competence. Meaning, when you are really excited (highly committed) to take on a new task, hobby or skill but you don’t know how to do it because you have never done it before (low competence). Level 2 is when this really excited person realizes that the task is a lot harder than they thought, so their commitment level (motivation/confidence) on this task goes WAY down and decide they want to quit. They still don’t know how to do the task (low competence) and are deflated. THIS is the phase where my impatience starts to kick in. THIS is the time when I start telling myself that I am doing something wrong, that I suck, that I want to quit because this new thing is so hard. BUT I forget that I haven’t allowed myself to get to the final development level. It is key to remember that with every new thing, there will be a dip in your confidence and competence, it is NORMAL. So, if you push through and really try to master the skill, you will end up at development level 3. This is when you finally CAN do the task, but you are lacking the commitment. Maybe you can finally swim laps in a pool, but you need that extra reassurance and confident booster from others to tell you that you are doing a great job so you have the confidence to continue to work on perfecting your technique. FINALLY, after much practice and hard-earned work, you get to level 4. You become the pro that you thought you were supposed to be so long ago when you were pushing yourself so hard and doubting yourself. You can actually do the task alone, and are confident in it.. You are a BADA$$!

The amount of patience needed to get to the final mastery level is so high that most of us aren’t willing to wait that long, so we give up on ourselves or become anxious instead of continuing to work at what we want. Gary Vee is the #1 preacher about how patience is key to the success of anything that you do and he is SO right. Why? Because you have a whole learning cycle to go through EVERY TIME you try a new task, goal or hobby. Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT saying to procrastinate because things take time. I am saying that you should put in the work over a period of time, but also know that the results will take consistent, conscious action towards your goal and with time, and lots of patience, you will achieve your desired outcome.

And the most important reason to be patient, is because you love yourself. As the bible reads in 1 Corinthians 13:4 “Love is patient. Love is kind..” Regardless of your faith, the definition of love includes patience. Primarily in this case, love for YOURSELF should be a priority. Giving yourself grace for going through the steps and going through the process of becoming a better version of yourself requires love and patience… so do yourself a favor and CHILL on the crazy deadlines that you put on yourself! 

Hard work + consistency + self-love + patience = formula for success






Favorite Podcasts

Hey, friend!

As you’ve been able to tell by now (or so I hope) I LOVE to be productive and learn as much as I can to get ahead in life. I try to maximize every minute in my day by waking up early, completing my miracle morning routine, read different articles throughout the day and attend seminars whenever possible. However, the most effective and efficient way I learn is listening to Podcasts and Audiobooks. You can find a podcast about virtually ANYTHING. They are an amazing resource to keep you engaged on a topic that you want to learn more about. I have listened to podcasts regarding: murder mysteries, being a better triathlete, self help, growing my business, marriage.. Etc! By listening to at least one episode per day during my workout or my commute, I learn something new and it inspires me to continue to work hard every day.

I wanted to share some of my current favorite podcasts with you so that you can hopefully find one that really speaks to you and where you are in your life right now. My top favorites usually change every couple of months, just depending on what I am going through and need to hear. Here are my current favorites!


  • Rise Podcast by Rachel Hollis: Her podcast talks about a variety of things from being a business owner, to being a woman and overall becoming the best version of yourself. Her podcasts have taught me more about productivity, chasing my passions and it is a great way to get FREE content from her live events which are pure FIRE!


  • Rise Together Podcast by Rachel and Dave Hollis: I am married, so naturally this podcast speaks to me. Rachel and Dave go into some pretty serious #realtalk situations that you encounter as a couple! They also bring on guests to specifically talk about marriage and how to build a better partnership, better communication skills, etc.


  • The MFCEO Project by Andy Frisella: He is your daily dose of tough love with a whole lot of F* bombs! If you are not comfortable with cussing, this isn’t for you. However, if you can tolerate it, Andy is so real in breaking down concepts and tactical advice to become the best version of “your OWN life’s CEO” (as he says) and nixing your excuses.


  • EpowerHER Podcast by Kacia Fitzgerald: She is new in the space, but killing it! This podcast is for all women looking to live a better life and she and her guests provide you with the tools to take home and implement. Kacia’s energy is contagious through the mic and it will for sure get you going for the day!


  • Super Soul Conversations by Oprah: Obviously the queen of interviewing had to be on my list! She has 2-3 podcasts, but I have only had a chance to listen to this one. These interviews are about working from the inside out – how do you learn more about yourself and your inner soul desires to bring deeper meaning to your life, in your own unique way. She has some high profile interviews of course, so it is great to hear from these very successful people and their lives and struggles.


  • The Ed Mylett Show: Truth bombs after truth bombs! Ed is all about sharing tips and interviews that will take your life to the next level. He is a successful investor and businessman himself, and he shares how to implement his habits and skills in very tangible ways.

I hope some of my current podcast faves speak to you and you check some of them out!! What are some of your favorites? Why do you like them? I would love to hear more from you in the comments below!




Getting the perfect gift for your partner

Can you believe January is almost over?! February is around the corner and most people are starting to think about Valentine’s Day and what to get their significant others. Personally, my husband and I aren’t huge on this holiday, but we incorporate a little extra special-ness into our date for that week. We are both thoughtful in the way that we prepare our “gifts” for each other. We try to center them around our Love Languages. If you haven’t read The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman with your partner yet, I strongly suggest you do. If you don’t have the chance to read the book, I suggest you (and your partner) at least take the online assessment to learn more about yourselves.

After my husband and I learned more about each other’s love language, we were able to more effectively give gifts to each other that made sense and made the other TRULY feel loved. For example, my top two love languages are gifts and acts of service. This means that my husband shows me he loves me by helping around the house, putting gas in my car, buying me a little something that reminded him of me that day, getting me a nice gift, etc. He, on the other hand, loves words of affirmation and quality time. That means I try to reinforce my love for him through compliments, cute texts, ensuring we watch movies together, have dinner together every day, etc. Although the things I listed for him are things I also really enjoy, the other two will make me exponentially happier and feel more loved. When we realized we were completely different, it was like a light bulb came on and we communicated and showed each other love so much more effectively.

All of this said, as you think about some gifts for either Valentine’s Day or an anniversary, consider flexing your love language to fit your partner’s. Here are some gift ideas based on love language:


  • What has your partner been wanting for a while? Can you get it for them? Surprise them with a gift from their wishlist on Amazon.
  • Don’t have a big budget? Make something! The beauty of gifts is that the person wants something to show that you put effort and were thinking about them. There are some great ideas to make candles, a nice dinner with a lit candle(s), or even a picture frame with a collage.
  • A couple ideas for your man:
    • A new watch – There are so many different styles and price points now that are from very affordable to very pricey. Choose what fits you!
    • Nice shaving gear – Does your man like to take care of his beard? What about a nice shaving kit?
    • New shoes – Whether your man likes athletic shoes or boots, a new pair of shoes are nice. Socks are so in right now – so add those in too!
    • A gift card to his favorite place, or even a place you can share the time together – What if you give him a gift card to a massage you can go to together?
    • DIY – personalized calendars and photo albums are always a hit! Shutterfly already has their Valentine’s Day sale going and you can get a quality way to remember all the amazing times you’ve had.
  • No matter what gift you give, make sure to include a thoughtful note. The gift of time to put together  a nice letter is priceless.

Words of Affirmation:

  • Write a really nice card and ensure that you are affirming their qualities specifically. Instead of blanket statements like “I really appreciate you” say “I really appreciate that you help me fold laundry because I feel like we are part of a team and you love me.” Get really specific with WHY you love your partner.
  • Get creative and make a personalized gift for them that has reaffirming phrases such as “#1 dad”, “you are the best husband ever”, etc. You can even DIY this and make a jar of compliments. He can get one paper per day and get a new compliment on how amazing he is.
  • Make the days leading up to the big day a little more exciting! Send him daily texts and tell him why you love him. Writing a quick note and sneaking it into his work bag would also be a great idea to give an element of surprise 😉

Acts of Service:

  • What task does your partner NOT enjoy that you can do for them for one day? Take time to complete that task for them. Take it a step further and make a task jar – put little papers with different tasks they complete and they can “redeem” your help with them in the coming weeks.
  • Help your partner get ready for your date and iron their shirt. Maybe you are going out and their car is a mess. Clean out the car and take it for a car wash.
  • If you are going to dinner, offer to take care of making the reservation. With busy schedules, that can become a task in and of itself.

Quality Time:

  • Give your partner your undivided attention. If anything else, make sure that when you are with them on a date, or even just having dinner together, they know you are listening and actively engaging in conversation together. Yes, that means leaving your phone away from sight! If you have kids, get a sitter so you can give each other your full attention.
  • Plan a getaway or special night where you two will have fun. Here are some ideas:
    • Massage date – get a massage and enjoy a glass of wine after
    • Walk along the beach and have a picnic – collect seashells along the way!
    • Hike together – Enjoy a nice conversation at the top of the mountain
    • Mini staycation for the weekend and unplug to enjoy each other
    • Wine night and board games. You can even play cards and bet on each other.
    • Surprise them and decorate your room or living room with lights, balloons and rose petals to give your home more ambiance
  • If you aren’t very creative, buy a date night idea jar and pick out of the jar every time. This will allow you to keep allowing quality time moments to happen.

Physical Touch:

  • Make sure that you are constantly touching your partner…. That may come off awkward in public, hu?! LOL JK but seriously.. Touch your partner when you are around them – it can be a gentle hug, hand on their leg, playing with hair, back rub, hold hands more often etc. Physically staying connected is very important to these people.
  • Spice up your life! Get a new piece of lingerie to make your physical time together a little more exciting.

What is yours and your partner’s love language? How are you going to cater to it on your next special day together?





“I am” .. awesome!

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of the situation and feeling that you are just “too” __ (insert your word) for that situation? I constantly do. In talking to other friends, it seems like we all go through this negative self talk that we are too much or too little of something for the opportunity that life gives us. I will explain more in the following examples:

Over the past 6 years I have battled different thoughts in my mind about how I am “too young” to be doing something. I was too young to be a manager and handle large responsibilities in my career, or advising others that were older than me, or talking in front of others that were several years my senior. All of these things that I associated with responsibilities or actions that were people “at least 30 years old”. But what is the reality? The truth is that I got these opportunities and chances that made me incredibly UNCOMFORTABLE to grow. And as much as I didn’t want to accept it – these opportunities weren’t just randomly given or presented, they were earned because someone saw something in me – the real me, not the one I was thinking I was supposed to be – that forced me to stand up to the plate and to the new responsibilities.  So no, I am/was not too young, I AM a hard worker that is at the right place in her life for that new challenge.

Thinking way back -this also happened to me back in high school. I was the girl who was “cool” – I was on the dance team, cheer, but also almost a straight A student, taking AP classes and getting into UC Berkeley. In high school terms – I had to be ditzy to be a cheerleader and super quiet to be a smart girl. I was definitely “too outgoing” to be smart and “too much of a bookworm” to be a cheerleader/dancer. Writing it on paper is almost comical, but it’s so true. I didn’t know how I should have been to appear to be the right person, but the truth was that I was, and AM, a unique blend of both. However, being worried about being “too” much of one stereotype rather than the other caused some real mix of emotions for me. Not until I realized that I was supposed to be me – a silly, outgoing, nerdy, studious girl – was I able to realize that I AM who I am and that is exactly why I am unique.

And of course – the famous – I am “too flabby” to wear that cute dress and cute bikini. Because – body shaming is a real thing, right? It still continues to be an issue for me. One that I am working on actively. But the reality is, I work my hard on my body but I also like to have fun with it. I love to have a couple drinks, dance, complete several races per year, eat healthy but some pizza and chips are also in the mix.. So yea, I do have some flab. But I also enjoy every moment with it so I am not “too flabby” for that outfit, I AM a strong woman who enjoys balance in her life and that is reflected in my cute dress.

My point is.. SO MANY TIMES we end up telling ourselves, or at least I do, that I am just “too” something that I cannot enjoy the moment that I am living because I get so caught up on how I should be showing up in a certain situation, rather than just BEING. You just ARE who you are because you are supposed to be a unique human. You are supposed to experience hard things that make you uncomfortable to shape you. You aren’t “too” anything for a situation. You are a badass that can take on a challenge and are ready for it. It was meant for you. Instead of thinking about how you are “too” something for a situton, what if you change your mindset and say “I am”. “I am at the right point in my life for this challenge’, “I am a fun smart girl”, “I am grateful for the experiences I get to have in my body so I should show it off in a way that makes me happy”. These thoughts of being “too” will continue, but it is my (and your) job to change my mindset to appreciate what “I am”. And for sure.. “I am awesome”!



Make girl time even more fun!

Hey girl, hey!

I decided to dedicate a whole log to spicing up your girlfriend time because girl time is an absolute MUST! Many times we get caught up in life with significant others, family, etc and although you want to spend some time with your girls, you either don’t make that a priority or don’t want to make it the same thing over and over. My friends and I have a great routine going where we get together and try to make each gathering a little different to add to the fun that we have together.

Here are some ideas on to how to make girl time, an even more fun time!

  1. Try a new eatery/cafe – This is the most obvious one, but why not go try a new coffee shop, craft cocktails, new restaurant or even the new brunch special. You can make girl time any time of the day or day of the week. Trying out new places in the morning, midday or afternoon is possible. It is also affordable if you look for specials at these different places in advance. Yelp is very accessible with that if you search “(insert type of food) specials”.
  2. Try a new workout class/studio – The magic of going to a gym/studio for the first time – 99% of the time, the class is FREE! My friends and I love to go to different studios around San Diego just to spice things up! You can find the promos usually directly on the websites of the gyms, or Groupon will have some great deals! You can go grab a juice or a coffee after and reflect on how fun your class was!
  3. Try something outdoors – Hiking, walking on the beach, a run on a new route you found or even a swim could be nice! This way you are both working out and having a great time to catch up.
  4. Rotate each other’s homes – Going to someone’s house can get boring if you’re just sitting there, but what if you spiced it up? Decorate a season or holiday-specific theme and have everyone either make a drink to match it or have a dress-up theme. If you’re way less maintenance, hang out at the pool, fireplace, or just the living room and have a super fun playlist and speaker ready to go. Every time you go to someone else’s home, you get a whole new vibe and can try a new things.
  5. Mixology night – Have every girl bring the ingredients to their favorite drink and take turns making it for each other. If you want to save some money, make it around one liquor at a time. For example, tequila night can have margaritas and palomas. This brings some fun and variety into your day.
  6. Potluck – Who doesn’t love to try a variety of foods? What if you had a potluck, picnic style with your girls? Each brings their favorite dish and with a sheet and go to your nearest park or bach and you can all hang some good music. In our group, we have a baker so she always brings the baked goods and everyone else switches it up. If you aren’t much of a chef like myself, stop at the nearest grocery store and there are SO many pre-made foods ready for you to go. Especially at Costco.
  7. Chick flick night – Obviously there are those movies that are best with friends! Go to the movie theater on either a matinee (to save some money) or rent the movie and make some treats to enjoy. Wine and either a charcuterie board or a crudite board is always a great idea!

Hopefully these ideas inspire you to get together with your girls and switch it up! Check out some pics below!

What is your favorite girl time activity?





How to get up earlier

Hey, friend!

Happy second week of the year! If you’re like me, you are working on implementing something new in your life this month. If one of your goals is to get up earlier, this blog is for you!

I typically get up between 4:30-5am to kick off my day and constantly get asked how I do it, so I wanted to share a few tips and tricks to get your day started a little earlier than usual. It doesn’t have to be at the time I wake up, but just earlier than your normal time to maximize your day. Here are a few tips to get your day started earlier:

  • Sleep earlier – This may be the hardest one, but by far is the most important. In order to find your routine of getting started earlier, you need to find out how many hours your body needs to sleep. It is recommended you get at least 6, but preferably 7-8 hours of sleep per night. I have found that my body can live with 7 hours of sleep and be happy. I am not sleepy halfway through the day (after some caffeine of course!) and have enough energy to workout in the morning. So if you want to start your day at 4:30am, like I do, you need to be in bed by 9:15 at the latest to give myself some time to unwind and be asleep by 9:30. In order to establish a routine, I recommend you try it for three (3) weeks straight, including the weekends. Let’s be real – you are busy on the weekends, so if you can’t be asleep by 9:30 (in my case), then set an alarm 7 hours (or whatever your sleep time is) from the time you fell asleep. This will help set you up with a routine and gives your body consistency and you will later find yourself waking up at your desired time.
  • Get excited!: Know why you’re getting up earlier, and what you will be doing. When you are getting ready for bed, re-connect on why you are getting up. Remind yourself how great you will feel after doing “X” therefore it is worth waking up. You should know EXACTLY what you will do when you get up as well. For example, if it is working out – will you be doing cardio? If so, running? Stairmaster? Or is it a specific routine? Again, takes the thinking out of what you will do that morning. I take this one step further and find a quote on Pinterest that I can relate to the night before. I have since started a “motivation” board on Pinterest to motivate me the night before and get me excited for the morning. In my case, I workout as soon as I wake up, so my quotes are usually about fitness.
  • Set your clothes out: If you are trying to get a workout in either sleep in your workout clothes, or set them in your bathroom next to your toothbrush to get dressed easily in the morning. This is a HUGE time saver, and allows you to run on auto-pilot. You should prepare everything down to your watch, socks and shoes. Also have your water bottle ready to go.. That takes time and energy in the morning that you don’t want to worry about.
  • Set your alarm further than arm distance away: This forces you to get up to quiet is down. If it is possible and you can hear the alarm, set it in the bathroom on top of your clothes so if forces you to get out of bed and you can even start changing right away. If you allow “snooze” too many times, you will likely not get up in time to complete what you wanted.
  • Drink water: YUP! You are dehydrated from not drinking all night, so water will help you wake up and hydrate your body. If you need a little extra push, take some caffeine right away.
  • PRO TIP: Have your go-to playlist of music that pumps you up! Have a dance party and get into the groove!


As you can see, most of the work happens before the morning, so prep is key in starting your day earlier. Try these steps on a consistent basis, at least for 3 weeks and I am positive you will be waking up earlier and feeling UH-MAZING!

Do you have any other tips to get up earlier?





The power of habit trackers

Hey, doll!

Want to make sure you stay on top of your New Years resolutions? One way that I like to keep track of my goals and habits is through a habit tracker. I found that many BUJO (bullet journal) junkies make these so I started them back in 2017. You don’t need a journal to start one, you can start one in any planner or journal that you have. There are also some printable ones if you find yourself not wanting to create on yourself.

I like habit trackers because you are able to see how you are doing on specific habits in one area, at a glance. You can track different habits every week, but typically you should be trying to create and maintain new habits on a monthly basis, right? They say it takes 21+ days to create a habit so it is best to make them on a monthly basis. I track my Miracle Morning habits (SAVERS) on here, my eating habits and even my sleeping habits. If there is an area where I am struggling, or trying to focus my energy on, I will also add that to my tracker.

Aside from visually seeing how you are doing on your habits, you are also physically practicing reading the habits every single day and checking them off. You are interacting with the habits that you want to create every day, manifesting them, which also ensures that your habits are top of mind.


Do you use a habit tracker? What do you track? If not, you should try it out and let me know how it goes!





2018 Favorites

Hey, friend!

Can you believe another year passed by?! SO crazy! I feel like the older I get, the faster the time passes by. This year was a great one and I got to experience some pretty awesome things, including turning 29 a couple weeks ago… EEK! I am officially in the final year of my 20’s.

A few of my favorite 2018 events and things that I will be talking more about in my blog are:

  1. Traveling and Adventuring: I absolutely LOVE to travel, try new experiences and see new places. We visited Guadalajara, Mexico, went on a cruise to San Juan, Puerto Rico, St. John, Virgin Islands, Nassau, Bahamas, Amber Cove, DR and we went to Cabo, Mexico. We tried Snuba for the first time which was pretty awesome! We also got to experience Splash House for the first time which was a pleasant surprise. I went on a river boat and tried wakeboarding for the first time. I was initially scared of it since I hurt myself snowboarding in the past, but this was a different experience and it was such a rush!
  2. Practiced self-care: I set a goal to do something every week that made me happy and it changed the way I went about planning my week. Every week I would ask myself: “Am I doing something for myself that will make ME happy?” It could be anything from buying myself my favorite coffee, sleeping in, waking up early to complete my morning routine, taking a dance class, exercising outdoors or even putting on a face mask and reading. This question fundamentally changed my year to bring me more happiness and fulfillment.
  3. Completed my first triathlon sprint: This was a goal that I was really excited about since I retired from half marathons in 2017. Completing this race gave me a challenge that I needed to push myself and prove that I am a versatile athlete. The entire year I focused on  how to become a stronger version of myself which added up to a successful race. This goal has now pushed me to do more races and hopefully place in the top 10 in my age group in 2019.
  4. Spent quality time with my loved ones: I am the eldest of 7, am married and have an amazing group of friends. This year I was committed to being more thoughtful. Whenever I hung out with my loved ones, I made sure I was present and there when they needed me most. These experiences brought me so much fulfillment and happiness and I am committed to continue to be present when I am with my family.
  5. Hit my 5 year marriage anniversary: This is a HUGE one! Being married to my high school sweetheart and best friend has been one of my biggest blessings. We continue to grow together as a couple and as individuals. Our anniversary this year makes me so proud of who we’ve both become and the achievements we have accomplished together.
  6. Expanded my team at work: I am fortunate to have grown my team at work which has made me an even stronger professional. I continue to work on myself to be a stronger professional, trainer and leader.

What were your highlights of 2018? How are you going to use those memories and lessons to fuel your fire in 2019?