How to make chores easier

Hi, friend!

I wanted to share something that the husbie and I have been trying to get better at lately which is keeping our house clean on a more regular schedule, rather than spending our days off cleaning. It has literally been the topic of conversation more often than I would like to admit because #adultingsucks! How do people have time to have a full time job, have a side hustle, start a businesses, maintain social commitments, be healthy, make family time AND still scrub the shower and pair socks?! Like who are these super humans?! We are still trying to figure out how to make it all fit in 24 hours.. It’s hard. Our current biggest struggle is keeping the house clean without it absorbing an entire day! However, your physical environment is so important to your productivity and all facets in your life, so maintaining a clean organized home should be prioritized.

In our old home, we had a chore list that made our lives so much easier! Our house was smaller, but this list made our lives SO much manageable. We are bringing it back and are starting to see positive changes. We broke down our weekly chores by day to ensure that cleaning/keeping our home tidy doesn’t take longer than 30 minutes per day, unless it is a meal prep day. By doing small things every day, you free up your day off to do things that you actually enjoy, rather than spend hours cleaning/washing/doing all the things you need to do around the house. We don’t have a yard or weekly pet duties, but yard work and pet duties would also be listed here. You can see what a sample chart looks like in the file attached.

In addition to planning chores, we have started to organize our weeks by daily activities to maximize our time. For example, we will have two days per week set as our “working” days knowing that we will spend those working the entire afternoon. If it is not one of those days, we have the afternoon free to ourselves and either watch TV or do another hobby, meet up with friends, go to date night, etc.

By being more conscious with small daily tasks, it allows more overall flexibility and happiness in our lives. How do you stay on top of your home chores and tasks?

I hope this chart helped, and if you would like the excel format, I am more than happy to share with you, just leave a comment below 🙂

Weekly chore list




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